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Next Meeting -Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tony Morgan (PG, CHG) from the Groundwater & Water Resources at United Water Conservation District in Santa Paula, CA will present his talk:

GSP-Lite: Using a Groundwater Flow Model to Approximate Sustainable Yields for the Oxnard Plain and Pleasant Valley Basins

Aerial view of Lake Piru and Santa Felicia Dam from United Water Conservation Website. To learn more about this resource and others follow the link!

CGS would like to thanks Hopkins Groundwater Consulutants, Inc. for sponsoring the January meeting!

Hopkins Groundwater Consultants, Inc. is a professional hydrogeological consulting company based in Ventura, California. The firm specializes in studies specifically related to the management, protection, and development of groundwater resources. Hopkins offers a wide range of hydrogeological services to meet the diverse water supply needs of municipal water purveyors. The company is a strong team with Hydrogeologist and Engineering Geologist qualifications who have local and statewide experience in well construction and groundwater supply planning projects.

Talk Abstract 

United Water Conservation District (UWCD) is actively updating its water master planning actions to reflect the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).  SGMA directs local entities to manage their groundwater resources in a sustainable manner, and importantly, provides them with the authority to develop and implement a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP).


To assist UWCD’s management with the master planning effort, the District’s Groundwater Department beta-tested the new 13-layer groundwater flow model to estimate the groundwater elevations necessary to avoid undesirable effects associated with the sustainability indicators contained in the Emergency GSP regulations.  This technical approach used a simplified approach (aka GSP-Lite) and does not include the other variables (e.g., stakeholder engagement, consideration of long-term climate change or changes in land use) that are required in the GSP regulations or new projects that may provide additional water supplies.  As permitted in the GSP regulations, the technical approach relied upon a surrogate metric, in this case groundwater elevation, as the common metric for all of the sustainability indicators. 


Assuming that the sustainable yield would be achieved solely via reductions in groundwater extractions (no new sources of water supply) and that climatic conditions, land-use changes, or regulatory issues don’t change the balance of water supply and demand substantially, the sustainable yield is likely in the range of 60,000-70,000 acre-feet/year combined for the Oxnard Plain and Pleasant Valley basins.

Speaker Biography

Tony Morgan (PG, CHG), is the Deputy General Manager for Groundwater & Water Resources at United Water Conservation District in Santa Paula, CA. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana University and has been with UWCD since 2009.  Prior to that he was Western Region Manager for Layne Geosciences. Mr. Morgan is leading UWCD’s efforts on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and is active with ACWA and GRAC. He oversees the Groundwater Resources Department at UWCD which serves as an in-house resource on groundwater supply, water quality, and water resource management and also provides hydrogeological expertise to other local agencies. The department performs water level measurements and water quality sampling and analysis on hundreds of wells each year and performs field investigations to improve the District's understanding of the controls on groundwater flow, and evaluates the impacts of groundwater utilization and conservation options on resource availability.  Mr.  Morgan has served as a Director on the Board of the American Ground Water Trust since 2008.

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